10 things I learned from watching “Taken”

Recently acquired Taken on Blu-Ray starring Liam Neeson.  Loved the movie immensely, and I definitely recommend the extended version.  It’s a cross between The Professional and Death Wish. This flick will definitely be getting a full review soon, but first I wanted to share 10 awesome lessons that I took away from the film:


1) In American film, Eastern Europeans always sound hoarse and irritable.

2) When Liam Neeson is offered a chance to negotiate, he considers the pulling of the trigger as his counteroffer.

3) If Taken teaches us anything, it is that the metrosexual stubble beard is the dead giveaway of a terrorist.

4) If Liam Neeson can teach us anything, it is that if you spit in his face, he will electrocute the ever living sh*t out of you.

5) Even Liam Neeson’s gun sounds like the voice of God.

6) Liam Neeson can impersonate a French Policeman simply by holding up a business card and threatening death.

7) Liam Neeson can feel inner pain while dispensing mass amounts of pain to others.

8 ) Liam Neeson could get Oscar nominated simply for knocking a barrel of oil into a fire properly using a speeding car bumper.

9) Liam Neeson mingling with prostitutes is like a serial killer conversing with cement mixers.

10) When investigating his daughter’s kidnapping, Liam Neeson finds one of his daughter’s hairs, bags it, and then pockets it. Nothing happens with the hair after that, but then again, nothing needs to happen either.


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  1. It’s a British film

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