Movie Snacks – Lemon Sour Patch Kids get a bad rap

Upon entering a movie theater and making my way to the concession stand, I always ask myself two questions:

1) Do they have Cherry Coke? 2) What is their candy situation?

If the answer to the first question is yes, I will be drinking Cherry Coke.  You could set your watch to my predictability.


Answering the second question is a bit more difficult.  There are factors to consider:

1) What is their chocolate to gummi ratio? 1:1? 2:1?

2) In the chocolate category, do they have M&Ms? Plain or peanut? Both? Do I want M&Ms that day? It is an awkward snack during a drama, but eating peanut M&Ms during a good actioner is the closest thing to awesome before kissing Buddha’s pinky ring.

M&M peanut

3) In the gummi category, do they have Sour Patch Kids? Classic Sour Patch Kids? Or perhaps Sour Patch Watermelons.  Some days, Sour Patch Kids can be a bit run of the mill, and Sour Patch Watermelons provide a sensory lift during longer movies.  Most days, however, classic Sour Patch Kids is where it’s at.


Chocolate candies are the guardians of movie theater awesomeness, but gummi candies capture the imagination.  Bright colors, crazy flavor combinations, the pairing of gummi with sour, it’s like a movie in your mouth!  In a given bag of Sour Patch Kids, the flavor that gets the least respect is lemon.  Anyone can eat a cherry flavored Sour Patch Kid, leaving those pesky lemon Kids uneaten at the bottom of the sour powdery plastic bag, but they would be missing out on an underrated snack experience.  When it comes to Sour Patch Kids, Lemon is the perfect flavor.  Lemon is naturally sour, so the tongue need not adjust its receptive powers in possible confusion.  I mean, a cherry isn’t sour, right?  Lemon cleanses the palate as well, allowing the tongue to transition seamlessly between sweeter flavors.  Next time you’re enjoying a bag of Sour Patch Kids at your local movie theater, remember to give all flavors a chance.  The awesome moviegoing experience you save may be your own.



The Dame With The Necklace – “Song of The Thin Man”


Just a quick post today, as an afternoon showing of Transformers 2 is calling my name.  My lady-fair has been educating me on all things classic film, and today’s stop on the Golden Age Hollywood tour was the final film in “The Thin Man” series called “Song of The Thin Man”.  If Dashiell Hammett and Chuck Jones mated and their offspring raised by Lucille Ball, this would be the movie that the kid would make.

The sets, the costumes and the locations were all perfectly choreographed into a ballet of 40’s conventions.  In that way, the flick’s a great shorthand if you’re trying to write snappy, 1940’s-sounding dialogue.  Lawrence Kasdan must have seen these flicks a lot.  As the two iconic lead characters Nick and Nora Charles, William Powell and Myrna Loy prove once again that the couple who solves crimes together stays together. Their dog Asta might just be the most awesome dog in the universe, next to our dog Bridget.

Bridget the Superdog. Taking a much deserved break from fighting crime.

Bridget the Superdog. Taking a much deserved break from fighting crime.